Academic Writing

Academic Writing

Excellent academic writing is a craft, continuously developed over the course of your academic career, and there are a range of useful resources you can draw on. We have yet to come across a senior academic who says they find writing easy so, if this is a challenge for you, you’re far from alone! To increase your chances of being productive: seek suggestions from more experienced writers, monitor your own writing preferences and learn how you work best, and explore peer-support mechanisms such as a writing group.


Academic English support

The Language Centre offers tailored academic courses, and a Language Partner scheme, where you can connect with native speakers in exchange for support in a language they wish to develop. Click here to read more.


Academic Writing Community

The Academic Writing Community is a drop in writing group for SSD DPhils and Early Career Researchers which meets weekly during term time, follow the link here for more details.
Sessions will consist of setting and sharing a writing goal, then three structured writing sessions with short refreshment and admin breaks in between. It’s a productive and supportive way to round the week off! 

Communication Skills

This is taken to mean communication about your research in a manner other than an academic paper or written work intended for a thesis. 


Resources - Vocal Techniques

We have been working with expert trainer Piero Vitelli from Island 41 to produce a list of useful resources to help you enhance your vocal techniques.


Get the most out of your voice


Vocal Warm Up Resources


Vocal Interest Resources



Academic Writing Texts

Here are some texts to start thinking with:

Suggestions for additions you’ve found helpful are extremely welcome: