Academic Writing Community


Looking to get back into the swing of regular writing, but finding it hard to get going on your own?

The Division's Academic Writing Community may be the supportive group and space you need.

It will meet online every Friday from weeks 1 - 8, for a solid morning’s writing.

You’ll set a writing goal for the session, share it with the group and then work for 3 x 45 minute slots, with short breaks in between to stretch, catch up on any admin, and refresh your tea or coffee.

It’s a good way to round off a productive week, and an equally good way to salvage something from an unproductive one! You are welcome to work on your thesis or an academic paper, but writers only, please: this is not a space for doing your actual research.


I used to think of writing as a lonely process that requires self- discipline and continuous self-motivation. This belief holds true, however, after joining the academic writing sessions in MT 2019, I was able to experience the positive effects of writing together with other fellow academics. The sessions allowed me to experience writing as an activity that can be described as “being alone together” in a productive as well as connected forms of solitude. Each one of us would set a writing goal at the beginning of the session and commit to share its outcomes with others in the session breaks. I was able to work on my ethics approval forms and develop the draft of my DPhil transfer document. More importantly, the sessions provided me with a platform through which I learnt about other fascinating research topics and connected with researchers from different disciplines.

Wesam Hassan


Sessions take place every Friday from 09:00 - 12:30 (weeks 1 - 8)