In terms for training courses, teaching development in Oxford has three levels, depending on the extent of your teaching experience and ultimate purpose. To explore each, please see the sections below.


From Michaelmas 2019, the Division will be appointing Teaching Associates, to deliver training for divisional researchers, while developing their own teaching experience, profile and gaining an external qualification. 


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The Divisional Introduction to Learning and Teaching (formerly called PLTO) is an interactive and discursive course consisting of 4 x 2-hour lively sessions in which attendees will explore, with current practitioners, common teaching formats (lectures, small groups, tutorials) and common experiences (for example, group management, preparation, presentation and delivery).

Participants attending all 4 sessions will be given an attendance certificate. See Divisional Events below.

Developing Teaching and Learning (DLT) is an externally accredited programme delivered by the Learning Institute for DPhil students, postdoctoral researchers and college staff teaching at the University. The programme introduces you to teaching in Higher Education. You will use educational literature; design a teaching session plan; and evaluate your teaching. There is a final assessment of a teaching portfolio of 2,500-5,000 words. For further information, please click here 

This course runs termly. For more infomration and to register click here.

This one-year, part-time programme delivered by the Oxford Learning Institute is for academic, teaching and research staff who are currently teaching students registered at the University (undergraduate and/or postgraduate) and leads to the award of a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the University of Oxford. For further information, please click here 

n.b. this programme is not open to DPhil students.