Vicarious [Secondary] Trauma Workshop

The vicarious trauma workshop is designed for researchers whose work engages them with the traumatic experiences of others. It aims to help researchers reduce the risk of vicarious traumatisation and manage the exceptional emotional demands this kind of research can place on them. 
It is particularly relevant to research contexts including conflict, genocide, natural disaster, domestic violence, imprisonment, sexual abuse, and displacement, but is open to anyone who feels it might be useful.
Researchers can attend before, during and/or after fieldwork. The workshop consists of a full day from 9:30am – 4:30pm

The morning session will introduce the phenomenon of vicarious trauma:  how it develops, typical effects, and broad strategies to mitigate these effects including: trauma-informed self-care, managing trauma exposure, processing trauma, trauma-proofing your relationships, and balancing trauma with the positive. 
The afternoon session will look in more detail at the neurophysiology of stress and trauma response, and introduce a range of techniques borrowed from the trauma therapist’s toolkit that the researcher can deploy to stay functional and well.  We discuss use of breathing techniques, imagery, and other in-the-moment interventions. We also introduce a range of methods to process traumatic experience, including therapeutic journalling and self-help trauma therapy techniques. 


The workshop runs termly (HT 23 – Week 6 - Thursday 23rd Feb, TT23 – Week 5 – Thursday 25th May)



•    Have a deeper understanding of the process of vicarious traumatisation and how it relates to individual research
•    Be aware of a range of strategies and techniques to maintain personal and professional mental health and wellbeing
•    Form ongoing contacts to draw upon for support if required


Places are limited and will be offered to researchers from the Social Sciences Division as a priority.



17 November, 09:30 - 16:30

Location tbc