Introduction to Research Ethics at Oxford

This termly session will give attendees an overview of the research ethics review process at Oxford. You will have the chance to discuss case studies and common ethical issues. The trainer will also give you top tips on how to write good research ethics applications.

You are welcome to bring applications you intend to submit, and the last part of the session will be available for individual questions.

Full details of the CUREC ethics review process is available at , and further training information is available at 

This course is given each term.


  • Understand why Oxford has an ethics review system for research projects involving human participants and personal data in accordance with University policy;
  • Find out what kind of research is reviewed by the Social Sciences and Humanities Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee (SSH IDREC);
  • Understand common ethical issues that arise;
  • Get top tips on how to write a good application for ethical approval;
  • Discuss ethical decision-making using case studies.


Pre-requisites & related activities

Attendees are encouraged to take at least Modules 1- 3 of Oxford’s free online research integrity course before the training session.


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