Responsible Knowledge Exchange, Engagement and Impact

Responsible Knowledge Exchange, Engagement and Impact

The Responsible Knowledge Exchange, Engagement and Impact 2021-24 (RKEEI) project has brought together KEEI professionals and researchers in a series of workshops and interviews to conceptualise and support responsible knowledge exchange, engagement and impact practice and to co-create a resource and framework to support responsible KEEI practices. This resource has been developed through five parallel strands of activity: strategic reviews of the literature, documentary analysis of strategic and operational university documents, interviews with research and culture change leaders (both academic and professional), co-production workshops to support the development of resources and training. 

Online resource launching summer 2024, more details to follow.

The RKEEI framework:

Flower shaped framework with 6 petals showing the dimensions of ethics and integrity; equiity, inclusion and diversity; reciprocity and sustainability; contextual sensitivity and cultural respect; sharing and openness, and support and recognition.


Funder Acknowledgement: Higher Education Innovation Fund, ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund, and the Research England Research Culture Fund.

Project Leads: Professor Alis Oancea and Aileen Marshall Brown

Project Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr Juliet Scott-Barrett

Previous Research Assistants: W. Cai , L. Kamphausen​, C. Macleod, L. Polding, and S. Watson.  


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