Collaborating with Non-Academic Partners during your Research

Collaborating with a non-academic partner during doctoral and early career research can be a valuable and rewarding experience. The Social Sciences Division has put together a suite of resources to support researchers new to this kind of engagement, which draw on academic research and best practice, illustrated with examples of real journeys and experiences from Oxford social scientists.


To get the most out of the resources available, work through them in the sequence presented below. Start with the introductory video, to get  an overview, then read through the five graphic Researcher Journeys for inspiration about both the type of collaboration you might carry out, and how to bring it about. Then sign up for the Online Course, which will take you step by step through how to identify, prepare for and carry out a successful collaboration. By the end, you’ll have a portfolio of key practical documents to move you forward. Finally, the Case Studies offer frank and in-depth insights into how social scientists from a wide range of departments engaged with non-academic partners. They are supporting material for the Course, but also presented here as a stand-alone section that you can refer back to at any time.