Oxford Ukrainian community works with academics to create advice for families affected by war

Members of Oxford University’s Ukrainian community have worked with the institution’s parenting experts to create a package of free, easy-to-use advice for families affected by the war.
The university’s social policy team, whose COVID-19 pandemic advice for families was downloaded more than 200 million times, swung into action when the conflict began.  With the assistance of the university’s Ukrainian community, it has created information in three languages – English, Ukrainian and Russian. These resources are available online and endorsed by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation and multiple charities.

So far, the parenting tips have been shared directly with 43 organisations, including 11 academic institutions, four UN Agencies, 25 non-governmental organisations, two funding agencies, and one governmental body.
Dr Isang Awah, from Oxford’s Department of Social Policy and Intervention, emphasises, ‘The war in Ukraine is devastating for families. Parents and caregivers are having to look after children under intense stress and danger: sheltering from bombs, fleeing from conflict, and travelling across borders. They deserve the best evidence-based support possible.'

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