Welcome to Researcher Development

Welcome to the Divisional Programme

We organised a termly programme of events; each term, our programme (also sometimes called a ‘term card’) is published on the Monday of Week 1 and bookings are opened at the same time. For the coming year, that means our programme will be published on the 29th April 2019, 14th October 2019, 20th January 2020 and 27th April 2020. Very occasionally, booking may be opened earlier for specific course, and in these instances we will always advertise this in our email newsletter. All provision is free of charge to researchers, and most are offered in order of registration. For a very small number of courses, where demand is high and numbers are limited, places are offered on the basis of greatest or most immediate need. We use accessible and centrally-located venues and, wherever possible, keep our provision between 10am-4pm (sometimes referred to as ‘core hours’ or ‘family friendly hours’). 


The wider University training and development landscape

Oxford is a decentralised institution, and we are one of a number of providers of training, resources and support within the university; our activities and events are planned to supplement and complement departmental and broader provision. Please note that all providers will have their own eligibility criteria, and some may charge. The main university providers are: Bodleian Libraries iSkills, IT Services, the Language Centre, the Department of Continuing Education, the Careers Service specialist support for researchers, and Researcher Development in the other three divisions: Humanities, Medical Physical and life Sciences (MPLS) and Medical Sciences. For research staff, there is also the Oxford Learning Institute.

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