Placements and internships

Are you interested in hosting a Social Sciences DPhil student?

Social Sciences doctoral (DPhil) students are encouraged to undertake a placement with organisations outside academia to enhance their professional skills, apply their knowledge in practice and contribute to solving a real-world problem. Students can spend up to three months working on an issue defined by your organisation and help address a challenge your business is facing.

What can the students do?

The students come from a variety of disciplines such as Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Policy, International Development, Economics, Business, Law, Geography, and Social Data Science. They have excellent research skills, high-level critical thinking and are able to analyse complex issues. Many of our students already have significant work experience and are up and coming experts in their fields, often at the cutting edge, using innovative techniques and with fresh ideas.

How will your organisation benefit?

The students can complete a distinct piece of work in an area of your choice, using their research and analytical skills. There is flexibility around what the placement can involve - students can complete research, project work, policy/program evaluations, report etc. They can bring a fresh perspective to your organisation and help link practice with the latest academic knowledge. Hosting a DPhil student may also be another opportunity to build connections with academics from the University of Oxford, engaging with the student’s academic supervisors.

How does the placement work?

  • Flexible timing – up to 3 months and any time of the year (higher uptake during summer)
  • Facilitation grant provided by the University to enable students undertake the placement
  • The focus of the placement is determined by your organisation
  • You can specify the student skills/profile required and select the student/s from applications received
  • The placement needs to be mutually beneficial and the placement project can also be co-created with the student

To see the profiles and research areas of some of our DPhil students, please check: