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Esme Wilks

Head of Communications

As Head of Communications for the Social Sciences Division, I represent the division as communications lead for the University. Practically, this means that I attend meetings across the University as your representative, organise meetings for departments (more below), and often take on the role of one of the departments if needed. I work closely with the Public Affairs Directorate, my equivalents in the other divisions and other teams. 

My time is split between three main areas:

  • Communications for the divisional office: this website, Twitter feed, whole staff newsletter, and other tasks.
  • Supporting communications staff in departments: sitting on interview panels, inductions, meeting with staff regularly. Organising and running communication officer network meetings (find the time of the next scheduled meeting on the Divisional calendar in the Intranet): these meetings occur every two months, are open to anyone working in the field of communications in the Division, and are usually focused on a particular theme. I also offer support and guidance to departments, especially when there are no communications staff.
  • Managing large communications projects, on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Manage the Connected Communications Service: providing communications services for SSD departments.

I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.