NERC Discipline Hopping for Environmental Solutions - Hackathon event

Registration open for Hackathon hosted by the Oxford Martin School

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has awarded a £75,000 Discipline Hopping for Environmental Solutions grant to the University of Oxford, to fund activities that will support academics within the University to build expertise and agility to work across disciplinary boundaries.

Hackathon event, Friday 11 February

As part of the Discipline Hopping award, a Hackathon event on Friday 11 February will bring together researchers from across the environmental science and the ML/AI communities to enable teams to discover the mutual benefits of collaborative working across the disciplines, and to develop an understanding of how to collaborate on particular challenges. There is a small pot of funds (around £7,500) available for the best approach, and the assembled participants will vote on which approach should get the funds. The funds can be used for a proof of concept project, lab exchanges, post-doc time, web development to support the new network of researchers (within UKRI spending eligibility).

The Hackathon will be hosted by Oxford Martin School, on Friday 11th February from 09.30 – 12.30. The session will introduce how the process of the Hackathon and voting for the best approach will work, with different ‘stations’ for discussion of potential collaborations.

How to register

Please contact for further information or to register for this event.

About the NERC award

This NERC award has already funded three projects, including:

  1. a network for environmental science and Humanities/TORCH community,
  2. a project combining ecological and engineering expertise to reduce environmental harm from sewage, and
  3. a group delivering two workshops to bring together researchers within Oxford, and with industry and policy makers, around sustainable resources for net zero solutions.