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    • ARCH School of Archaeology
    • DPIR Department of Politics and International Relations
    • DSPI Department of Social Policy and Intervention
    • ECON Department of Economics
    • EDUC Department of Education
    • INT.DEV Department of International Development
    • OII Oxford Internet Institute
    • OSGA Oxford School of Global Area Studies
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The team provide a broad level of support that looks more like a ‘business partner’ arrangement. 

Divisional Finance Managers will each be linked to 4 departments where they will provide Finance support and also be a focal point for the divisional/departmental finance relationship. For your information this departmental split will be as follows;


  • SOGE
  • Education
  • DSPI
  • OMS

Sarah Goad

  • DPIR
  • Archaeology
  • OSGA
  • Sociology


  • Law
  • ODID
  • SAME
  • OII

Harry Myring

  • SBS
  • BSG
  • Economics

Jonathan's primary responsibility is to support the finances of the Divisional Office.

I would expect the DFMs’ primary contacts to be with you and your Finance Managers and for that interaction to be along the following lines:

•       To support the Division’s budgeting, forecasting and planning activity, ensuring an appropriate level of scrutiny and challenge, as necessary.

•       Ensure effective monthly controls, reporting and analysis is in place, and that appropriate action is taken as a result. 

•       Develop and enhance departmental reporting processes through improved management information 

•       Effective sharing of best practice

•       To support departments in responding appropriately to control weaknesses, as identified through, for example, self-assurance processes or audit findings.

•       To undertake financial planning and analysis in support of decision-making in departments. To include for example, the preparation of business cases, scenario modelling, capital planning etc.

•       To help identify and deliver finance process improvements.

•       To provide a level of professional finance support and guidance to existing finance staff within departments. 

•       To offer sound guidance to departments on ways of maximising resources by developing a detailed understanding of each department’s non-research and research activities, as well as of the University’s financial structure and resource allocation mechanisms.

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