Induction 2021

Welcome to the Social Sciences Division

The Social Sciences Division is an umbrella structure, which includes 17 departments and centres. All students and researchers belonging to one of these departments and centres, by extension, also belong to the Social Sciences division. 

This term, you’re one of around 400 social sciences students starting their doctoral studies. The aim of the division’s Welcome programme, indexed through this page, is to give you a sense of the community to which you now belong, and how to get the most of the resources available to you during your time in Oxford. 

When you have explored all the information on this page, have a look at our full Michaelmas Term programme - All events are free and booking opens 8 October from 2pm.


Dr Susan James Relly

Associate Head of Division (Education)


Prof. Alex Betts

Associate Head of Division (Doctoral and Research Training)

Dr Eleanor Pritchard

Researcher Development Coordinator


Welcome Webinar

Come along to our Welcome Webinar hosted by Professor Alex Betts and Dr Susan James Relly on 7 October 2021, 4 - 5pm to hear current DPhil students from across the division speak about their doctoral experience, and have the opportunity to ask questions

Confirmed student speakers for this event:

Wesam Hassan is a physician who turned to the study of anthropology. She is pursuing her DPhil research degree in Social Anthropology, and is a member of St Antony’s College. Her research is focused on games of chance in Istanbul.

Thomas Evans (Sociology) uses qualitative fieldwork in Derry and Belfast to explore the continued existence of what has been termed 'Dissident' republican organisations in Northern Ireland, the activities these groups are engaged in, and the choices behind the selection of these activities. 

Jamie Shenk (Sociology) employs a mixed-methods approach, leveraging quantitative analysis of an original dataset constructed of consultas populares in Colombia and qualitative data (semi-structured interviews and participant observation) collected during fieldwork in-country.


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Welcome videos from other training providers within the university

Bodleian’s Social Sciences Libraries

Bodleian’s Social Sciences Libraries

Cathy Scutt
Acting Head of the Bodleian’s Social Sciences Libraries

Oxford University Careers Service

Oxford University Careers Service

Dr Rebecca Ehata
Careers Adviser for Postgraduate Research Students & Research Staff

Oxford University IT Services

Oxford University IT Services

Kieran Suchet
Digital Media Teacher, IT Learning Centre

The Escape Room!

An online escape room/virtual scavenger hunt style activity - explore and find out about the IT resources and courses available to support your studies