Write your Elevator Pitch

Students often have to give short, confident, summaries of their work, and it can be difficult to come up with a spur-of-the-moment account which feels satisfactory. In this short course you will produce the first draft of your elevator pitch, which compresses your research topic, interests and (depending on where you are in your DPhil journey) even findings into a short speech you could deliver while waiting for a lift, at a seminar, over a cup of tea, wherever!

The purpose of the pitch is to pique your listener’s interest so they want to hear more about your work. It’s a valuable academic skill, as having a ready conversation starter can increase your confidence to talk to senior and specialist research colleagues, which will help you build your network.



  • To understand the purpose and structure of an elevator pitch and the contexts in which it could be used
  • To produce a first draft elevator pitch
  • To practice delivering your draft elevator pitch in an engaging manner




Fantastic session - would recommend this to other research students

This was wonderful! Great lunchtime course