Presenting your value proposition

One of the main obstacles to start a collaboration is to attract the attention and curiosity of a potential collaborator. This training session will help you figure out how to pitch your value proposition/collaboration idea effectively to a non-academic organisation by explaining how to develop an elevator pitch and a speculative email.

Key content of the session:

  • Ways to present a value proposition
  • How to choose between an email and an elevator pitch
  • How to write a speculative email
  • How to prepare an elevator pitch


  1. Gaining confidence in approaching a potential collaborator
  2. Learning how to write a speculative email
  3. Learning how to prepare an elevator pitch


The live Zoom webinar will include a Q&A session at the end.



You need to either have attended the training session on “crafting an effective value proposition” last Friday (05/06) and/or have created a value proposition about yourself/a research or collaboration project before the start of the session.


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