Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a well-researched, non-religious and effective means of promoting well-being, and alleviating stress, anxiety and depression.

This informal workshop will introduce Mindfulness – in theory, practice and research – and offer a few tips to remain grounded and steady in the midst of a busy schedule.

The session will be led by Dr Maggie Murphy, from the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre (

“Mindfulness has changed my attitude towards myself and completely altered my relationship with my work. I feel a lot better about everything and a lot more able to manage things” [University of Oxford Mindfulness course participant, Trinity Term 2019]



1. To develop a basic conceptual understanding of mindfulness
2. To experience the practice of mindfulness
3. To learn about the science and evidence base that underpins mindfulness-based approaches
4. To learn about next steps to explore the practice of mindfulness more deeply


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