John Fell Fund Briefing

Please note this session will be running in Trinity Term, the date and registration details are to be announced shortly.

Intended Audience: This session is open to current salaried employees of the collegiate university who are eligible to apply to the Fell Fund as principal applicant i.e. those holding an academic post (e.g. Professor, Associate Professor, Departmental Lecturer), or a research fellowship awarded competitively that is intended to enable the holder to establish an independent research career (e.g. Royal Society University Research Fellow, Junior Research Fellow).

The session is also open to all Research Directors / Support Officers / Facilitators from across the division who wish to know more about the fund, the divisional highlight notice, and the application process.


The John Fell Fund is an internal Oxford University fund, which is open to academics and researchers at the University of Oxford. Its purpose is to complement external research funding, for example by funding early-stage (or ‘pilot’) research that is not sufficiently developed to be submitted to an external funder. It is intended to foster a proactive approach to research opportunities in all subject areas, and particularly interdisciplinary fields.

The session provides potential applicants with information about the fund’s aims, the SSD main and small award schemes, and the application process.

The session includes details about the new SSD strategic development of research highlight notice (effective from Trinity Term 2019 onwards) that places emphasis on the strategic use of the Fell Fund in the Division. 

During this session attendees have to opportunity to examine successful applications and will leave the session with an understanding of what makes a good application and plus how to avoid common mistakes.

This briefing session is delivered by Dr. Richard Baxter the SSD Research Facilitator and Divisional Fell Fund Officer who administer SSD Fell Fund applications each term.


  • Understand the Fell Fund’s aims and the kinds of project supported
  • Understand the SSD divisional Main and small award schemes
  • Become familiar with the Fell Fund eligibility criteria and the application process
  • Understand the divisional strategic development of research highlight notice and how this affects Fell Fund applications
  • Understand what makes a good application and also some common mistakes to avoid