IT Services induction

A warm welcome from IT Services at the University of Oxford!

IT Services is responsible for delivering and supporting all your computing requirements during your time here at the university.
They are as you can imagine a large and busy department with responsibilities covering everything from computing infrastructure and security, to software, support and training.

But most of all, they are here to help you - so that you engage with your studies effectively and efficiently – and make the most of your time here!

For this live induction session, an IT Learning Centre teacher will take you on a guided tour of which resources are available to you and show you how to access them.

Topics covered include:
Single Sign-On (SSO); Eduroam and Remote Access; Back-up and Breakdown cover; and much more.

Here's a flavour of some more of the talking points:
Forgotten a password? Got wi-fi issues? Having software problems? (NB: You may have a local support team in your department or division).

Do you need to master a new piece of software? Or perhaps you want to create recordings of your research? Or you need a refresher of a Microsoft Office app? Then look no further than the IT Learning Centre. Their team of experts will equip you with the practical skills you need through their (online) classes: short, hands-on, low-cost sessions which run throughout the year and are available to all.


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