What is 'collaborating'?



With a changing research-funding landscape and the numerous calls for cooperating across sectors to solve global challenges, you are increasingly likely to be asked to collaborate with non-academic organisations during your academic career. Moreover, collaborating might represent a key way to gain new skills, data, funds for your project and to test whether or not you might prefer a different career. This foundational workshop introduces you to the similarities and differences between academia and other sectors and makes you appreciate the opportunities for and benefits of collaborating through fun and interactive exercises. 

Researchers collaborate with all sorts of people and organisations - third-sector, social enterprises, businesses, the list goes on! It can be a rewarding experience, potentially enhancing your research and leading to greater impact. Whether you've previously thought about collaborating or not, come along to this workshop to learn about a new side of academia, and how it could enhance your development and future employability.

The course is open to all DPhils and Early Career Researchers.


1. To understand the similarities and differences between academia and other sectors​

2. To help you brainstorm about how your research interest might be relevant outside of academia​

3. To learn about the benefits of collaborating​

4. To highlight the opportunities available to collaborate and the things to be aware of before embarking onto a collaboration​

5. To know what support is available if you are interested in collaborating​