Improve your Vocal Techniques for Presentations

Research students and staff have to present - and speak - in a range of academic and professional contexts. We present a practical voice workshop which invites you to deconstruct your voice into its component parts in order to understand it and how you can best use it.

Our voice is a product of biology and habitual factors; distinguishing between the two is key to learning how to control and exploit its potential.

This three-hour voice workshop is based on theatrical as well as practical experience, and will benefit anyone wishing to develop their vocal control and ability.

Part 1 - explores and examines the voice itself from intention to comprehension, and gives participants the chance to form an objective opinion about their voice; a necessary building block we all too frequently shy away from.
Part 2 - a practical vocal warm up drawn from many years of theatrical practice. For this course to be useful, it must include elements like physical relaxation, breathing and a detailed exploration of the simple hum.
Part 3 -  equips participants with a tool with which they can develop vocal control and tonal nuance.




One of the most useful courses I have done in public speaking


Fantastic presenter!

Many elements I will use elsewhere in my work and daily life

Great session, built my confidence

Really practical advice on vocal warm up and to understand vocal control


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