Identifying potential collaborators

This workshop is for DPhil students and Early Career Researchers from the Social Sciences Division who want to develop a collaboration with a business or another non-academic organisation but are unsure whom to collaborate with or how to find the contact details of the potential collaborator(s) they identified. One of the main obstacles to collaborations with non-academic organisations is finding the right partner, understanding why they might see value in the collaboration (e.g. compliance, strategic interest, learning a different point of view) and convincing them of why they should work specifically with you or use your research and findings to improve their products, services and processes.

Finding the right partner, understanding why they might see value in the collaboration, and convincing them why they should work with you or use your research to improve their services, products, or processes are challenges! Come along to think them through and start laying the foundations.



  • Help you to identify all the stakeholders of your research or collaboration project
  • Guide you in choosing the potential collaborators you should get in touch with
  • Challenge or strengthen your conviction about whom you should contact 
  • Provide you with tool and ideas to reach out to your desired collaborators



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