How to Lecture: Lecture Symposium

In this final workshop in the How to Lecture series participants will gain valuable experience and feedback in delivering a lecture in a symposium-style format. The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to test and put into practice some of the ideas, methods and approaches discussed in the previous workshops. All participants will need to create a short lecture (3-4 PowerPoint slides), based on an aspect of their subject discipline, in advance of the workshop. Participants will be divided into small groups and invited to deliver their lecture to members of their group. Each participant will give and receive feedback on the lectures. This workshop concludes with a group discussion reflecting on the experience of delivering a lecture and best practice tools and techniques. 



1. Acquire experience of delivering a lecture 
2. Demonstrate best practice in creating and delivering a lecture
3. Show awareness of audience engagement and interaction 
4. Demonstrate effective use of technology and mode of delivery
5. Reflect on feedback to enhance lecture content and delivery


Suitable for anyone who is new to lecturing or has limited experience of delivering and presenting a lecture. It may also be of value to anyone who is new to creating presentations for an academic conference or symposium. 


This workshop is the final in a series of three:

How to Lecture: Designing a Lecture

How to Lecture: Presenting a Lecture

How to Lecture: Lecture Symposium


Booking opens 8 October at 10am