Divisional welcome event 2020

This is the Social Sciences Division Welcome programme for new DPhil students.  


The Social Sciences Division is an umbrella structure, which includes 17 departments and centres. All students and researchers belonging to one of these departments and centres, by extension, also belong to the Social Sciences division. 


This term, you’re one of around 400 social sciences students starting their doctoral studies. The aim of the division’s Welcome programme, indexed through this page, is to give you a sense of the community to which you now belong, and how to get the most of the resources available to you during your time in Oxford. 


On this page, you can: 


1) Come along to our Welcome Webinar on 8 October to hear current students from across the division speak about their doctoral experience, and have the opportunity to ask questions

Book your place here


2) Access welcome talks and transcripts, from the Associate Head for Graduate and Research Training, and the Social Sciences Researcher Development Coordinator 

Prof. Alex Betts

Associate Head of Division (Doctoral and Research Training)


Dr Eleanor Pritchard

Researcher Development Coordinator






3)  Sign up for one of our Get Your DPhil Off To A Flying Start sessions, for a recap of how the various bits of the Oxford jigsaw fit together, to get to grips with project managing your doctorate, and to think through establishing a good working relationship with your supervisor More info


4) Read the Researcher Development Michaelmas term-card 

5) Familiarise yourself with the themes around which the divisional training programme is structured 

6) Check the noticeboard for new events and opportunities 


Get involved! We look forward to meeting you soon