Create Compelling Research Posters

Create Compelling Research Posters

Do you want your conference poster to do justice to your research and University activities? This workshop will discuss the basics of good academic poster design, with an emphasis on learning from real examples. We will look at the key elements of a poster and the workflow that brings those elements together. Note: this workshop has the same content as the online version, but includes extra time for hands-on experimentation with poster design and discussion with the teacher.

Intended Audience
Anyone with a need to create an academic poster

In-person classroom workshop with practical exercises

•    Be aware of the main poster ‘styles’
•    Identify the key elements of a poster, and the mistakes to avoid when using them
•    Create a layout for the poster
•    Source suitable images and illustrations of an appropriate resolution
•    Be comfortable with a workflow that brings your poster together effectively and efficiently

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Call for Research Posters

The Social Sciences Division invites you to present a research poster at the Social Sciences Welcome and Induction event for new DPhil students in October. Along with meeting the new cohort of students, the event offers you a unique opportunity to present your research in an informal setting and to network with researchers at different stages of their academic careers. The costs of producing your poster will be covered by the Division and you will able to keep a copy of your poster for use at future conferences. 

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