Crafting an effective value proposition

One of the main obstacles to collaborations with non-academic organisations is finding the right partner and convincing them of the value of working with you or of using your research and findings to improve their products, services and processes. This training session will support you in creating a convincing value proposition, which should maximize your chances of success in getting attention from your potential collaborator and, possibly, in starting a collaboration with them.

Key content of the session:

  • How to grab the attention of a potential collaborator
  • The value proposition
  • The value proposition canvas
  • How to create an effective value proposition


  1. Understanding what a value proposition is
  2. Learning how to put together a good value proposition
  3. Learning how to judge the effectiveness of a value proposition


The live webinar of 1 hour will take place using Zoom, followed by 60 minutes live Q&A 3 days later.

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