An introduction to qualitative research for quantitative researchers

The course is designed to provide a broad introduction to qualitative and mixed method research. With an emphasis on using qualitative research alongside quantitative studies, or as part of a mixed methodological approach, we will explore various philosophical notions that inform different methodologies; outline principles of qualitative study design, common data collection and analysis techniques; and explore issues such as quality indicators, writing, and ethics.

It will be most useful to people who are starting work on a project with a qualitative dimension, doctoral students at the beginning of their projects, and those who are thinking about using qualitative research methods for the first time.


  • Appreciate the range qualitative research traditions and methodologies, and the philosophical principles that underpin them.
  • Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative methods and how they can be used alongside other methods.
  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the main methods used in qualitative research for generating and analysing data.
  • Develop critical awareness of key issues around credibility and quality, ethical issues, and reflexivity.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to appraise the quality of qualitative research effectively.




SUPER helpful!

Very useful and enlightening

Very useful in bridging my understanding from quantitative to qualitative


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