Placement with EcoSync

EcoSync is an Oxford-based clean tech start-up company (spin-off company of the University), developing a smart heating system for commercial buildings, helping them reducing their carbon footprints.


What will the placement project involve?

Even though EcoSync’s heating control is automatic (using real-time occupancy detection and a predicting algorithm) the company would like to invite all users to interact with their built environment; for that EcoSync has developed two user interfaces and a dashboard for facilities management providing an overview of their building, and a mobile app for the end-users (students, staff, visitors etc.).

The mobile app provides access to temperature settings to everyone and EcoSync would like to understand (and change) user behaviour with a reward system so users revisit and use the app more, and make more conscious decisions on settings benefiting the environment.

This project aims to develop a mobile app user journey with these two goals in mind, following the methodology of the book Hooked

You will work on an app that could be used to create a green competition between students within the same accommodation building, or between Oxford colleges – or even between various universities.

You will be working with various colleges and 3 research groups (all academic partners of EcoSync or clients using the technology).


Essential requirements:

EcoSync is looking for a candidate who can think outside of the box to support a state-of-the art technology but happy to do classic academic research and literature review as well.

The ideal candidate is also a good listener, taking in inputs from various stake-holders to turn them into a user journey for future app users.


Placement details:

Location: Arthur Slater Court, Brooke Street, Oxford, OX1 4LQ (candidate can work remotely)

Deadline for applications: 15 December 2019

Dates: 15 January/1 February – 31 March 2020

How to apply: Discuss the opportunity with your academic supervisor and if they are supportive, send a CV and short cover letter (no more than 800 words) stating why you are interested in the placement and why you think you would be a good fit for it to:

A facilitation grant would be available to the successful candidate.